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​* Rustgo provides four drop pads, a 3' ladder extension, and additional counter weights to meet CSA requirements.  For detailed documentation please contact your Rustgo Dealer.

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It's the ideal equipment for work on structures of 32' or less.

This equipment has many versatile applications and has been used on job sites for more than 30 years.


 Safe & OSHA Compliant  -  Reliable & Rugged - ​Saves Time & Money  -  Construction Green

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Models to Fit Your Needs

RUSTGO offers two models supporting up to three platforms.

Big Enough for the Job

The main platform offers a 20' long by 2' wide working area and working heights of up to 32 feet.  

Tow to Your Job
(instead of paying for a tractor-trailer)

Tow at Highway Speeds by a standard 1/4 ton pickup truck.

If you want to Save Money and Increase Efficiency, the RUSTGO All-Terrain Mobile Work Platform may be just what you need.


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Let us show you our Commitment to Excellence, Friendly Service, and Superior Quality!

​Easy to assemble, Rugged construction, O.S.H.A.and C.S.A. * compliant for mobile work platforms and roof edge fall protection!

From metal building erection to dry dock usage, the RUSTGO offers great  flexibility, a safe platform, and increased productivity.

RUSTGO All-Terrain Mobile Work Platform

Here's what this Unique piece of equipment offers you:

GREEN...not the equipment, but the Results...Saving You Money & the Environment

RUSTGO allows you to pull up to the job, set up in a few minutes, and go to work...

....Not spend valuable Time and Labor assembling stack scaffolding,
...or spend Revenue on transporting and maintaining expensive equipment that runs by hydraulics, motors, and engines, and which pollute the environment.  
It costs a lot less to buy and maintain than any of those other options too!

Multiplies Productivity

Since you can work 1-2 men on each level, and up to 3 levels on one piece of equipment, you can cover your work from ground to roof as you move around your structure...multiplying your efforts...and saving money at the same time.

Safe and Rugged

The RUSTGO is fully compliant with OSHA & CSA standards.  With very Simple Maintenance, it will produce safe and productive work for you for years to come.

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